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New Panelist Help

Why you have been selected, what your data will be used for and your responsibility as a panelist

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you turn the TV on, your Peoplemeter will ask ‘Who Is Present’. All you have to do is press your assigned button on the handset given by the technician and you will be logged in.
If the TV is left on for too long without anyone logged in to the ‘Peoplemeter’, there is a chance that the day’s viewing data may not be able to be used for the ratings, so logging in is very important
Yes. To make sure we get the most accurate picture of a household’s viewing data, all working TVs in a household have to be monitored. This includes TVs only used for games, listening to music, watching DVDs or other recorded shows.
The protection and privacy of our panel members is extremely important. Our privacy statement outlines how we collect, store and use personal information. To view the Nielsen Television Audience Measurement Privacy Statement in full, either visit our website or refer to the statement contained in your household pack.
You are specifically chosen to participate on the Panel via a statistical methodology. It is important that you don’t reveal your involvement to any networks or advertising bodies. If you receive any questions regarding your participation on the ratings panel please contact us.
If you are leaving the power on, press the ‘holiday button’ on the handset.
If you are turning the power off, please contact us via 1800 502 206 or with the dates of your trip.
Please contact us to report any new equipment. We may require our Peoplemeter to be adjusted to ensure that your TV viewing is accurately reflected in the ratings.
Yes, every member of your household counts. Contact us so we can add/remove members to your household.
The meters consume a very minimal amount of electricity. Our tests show that the Peoplemeter uses the same amount of electricity as a basic digital alarm clock.
Do not attempt to fix any issue or unplug the equipment yourself. Please contact us and we will either assist you over the phone or schedule a technician to come and visit you.
Please do not unplug the Peoplemeter equipment as this may prevent us from “polling” or downloading the TV information from your system to our central office.
We will need to check that you are eligible to participate in your new area. If so, we will arrange for our technician to install the equipment at your new home. Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know if you are moving.